South America

We had an amazing and wonderful vacation in Chile and Argentina! Most of our time was on a tour with Road Scholar, followed by a trip on our own to Iguazu, Argentina, to see the spectacular Iguazu Falls.

The Road Scholar trip was great!! We enjoy planning trips, but there's also a pleasure in letting others handle all the planning (and logistics!). We also got to meet, befriend, and spend time with a bunch of like-minded travelers, which was a true pleasure.

And a very special callout to Horacio, our guide; it was a treat to have him leading us through so many wonderful experiences!

March 11 - 19, 2015

First Leg -- Chile

Santiago -- two nights.

Patagonia -- three nights at EcoCamp Patagonia.

Ship MV Australis: Tierra del Fuego -- four nights on the ship, sailing around Tierra del Fuego, through the Beagle Channel, to Cape Horn, and then north to the very southern-most port town in the Americas: Ushuaia, Argentina.

March 20 - 26, 2015

Second Leg -- Argentina

Ushuaia -- One night.

Buenos Aires -- three nights.

Iguazu Falls, Iguazu -- three nights.

A Note About the Photos...

I'm serious about my photography -- please see for some of my work, if you'd like. But photography is time-consuming. (That's a good thing, BTW, it's a pleasure, and good pleasures are meant to last!) This, trip, though, was a vacation (with my wonderful wife, Elizabeth, as well as fellow Road Scholar travelers), rather than a photo trip. The majority of the photos here, therefore, are rather quickly-composed and minimally processed "snapshots."

Now that I know how wonderful South America is for exploration and sights, I hope to sometime get back for some "serious" (fun!) photography. In the meantime, however, I hope you might enjoy my photos from our trip, which I hope also provide a bit of a window into our wonderful experience in a spectacular part of the world!

Here's one (from Patagonia); please click on any of the above links to see more...