House Addition - Interior

Sunday, January 25, 2004


Finally, we've got some new pictures for the Web! The Hayes Construction crew has not been at "the site" while we've been putting a vinyl floor in the basement and otherwise organizing stuff. They'll start back up on the final "to do" list thsi week, and we hope it won't be long 'til completion.

Kitchen. Maple cabinets with pulls we found, cork floor, green Silestone counter and "honed" (matte finish) granite counter for a higher pass-through, and a slate backsplash.







Kitchen & Dining room. (The sofa is in the dining room now; dining room table will replace it.)

Kitchen & dining room

Kitchen & dining room

Kitchen & dining room

Hallway & basement stairs.

Hallway, basement stairs

CD shelving.

CD shelving

Family room from kitchen area.

Family room

Honed granite "pass-through" surface.


View from the hallway out into the new space (with CD shelving visible on the right).

View from hallway

Office, and kitchen.

Office, and kitchen



Future home for the stereo.


A close-up of the bamboo flooring in the dining room.

Bamboo flooring

Bath, redone.



Basement at foot of the new oak stairs. (We wanted something more contemporary for the stairs and railing, but we stuck with this for cost reasons.) New VCT (vinyl) flooring. The area shown is open to the upstairs, but is walled off from the rest of the basement.

Basement stairs

Basement stairs

Living room (with randomly scattered furniture) from the original house, with two new windows, and an in-progress fireplace redo (was brick). Granite mantle and wood trim strip to be added.

Living room

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Saturday, September 6, 2003


Kitchen close to being finished (the granite high counter is covered with paper). Subfloor is showing; Wicanders cork flooring will be installed over it later.



"Verde Orion" (AKA "green") Silestone counter, and slate backsplash.

Kitchen counter & backsplash

Kitchen counter & backsplash

View from the dining room into our screened porch.

View from dining room into screened porch

Cork flooring for kitchen is staked up and ready to be installed.

Cork flooring, stacked up

"Old" living room. Two windows are new. Brick fireplace being covered with slate and oak. (Not finished yet.)

"Old" living room - fireplace

Bath being redone with tiles and "Antique Glass" Avonite countertop.

Avonite "Antique Glass" countertop

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Thursday, July 24, 2003


Finally, I've taken some pictures! Bamboo floors (we're using the "horizontal grain" varieity) were finished today, but are covered up to protect them.

Dining room.

Dining room

Office (the old refrigerator's temporary home), and stairs down to basement. (Railing to follow.)


Family room. Screened porch beyond walls on left side of image.

Family room

Office to the left, kitchen to the right. New fridge (black) is sitting in a temporary location; its future home is where the broom is. Pass-through counter surface is granite, but--like the floors--is covered for protection.

Office & kitchen

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Thursday, June 19 (evening), 2003


Office (now with doors, with clear glass protected by translucent sheets), from the dining room.


Office doors on the left; kitchen on the right. From the family room.

Office, kitchen

Kitchen, behind "pass-through," from the dining room.

Kitchen, pass-through

Wednesday, June 18 (evening), 2003


Most of the kitchen cabinets have been installed.


Friday, June 6 (evening), 2003


Dining room, from the center of the addition.

Dining room

Office, from the dining room.


Office, to the left, and kitchen, center. From the family room.

Office, kitchen

Family room, from the study.

Family room

Family room, from the dining room.

Family room

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Friday, May 30 (evening), 2003


Drywall! (Almost completely installed). Looking from the family room into the kitchen (to the left) and dining room (to the right).


Dining room on the left; family room on the right; and screened porch beyond the walls in the center.

Dining room, family room

Thursday, May 29 (evening), 2003


Insulation! Family room.

Family room, insluation

Thursday, May 22 (evening), 2003

Looking out from the dining room. Deck on the left, and screened porch on the right.

Dining room

Looking out from the family room. Screened porch on the left.

Family room

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Thursday, May 1 (evening), 2003


Similar to the image taken yesterday, but stairwell has been opened up.


Wednesday, April 30 (evening), 2003


View from the past and future kitchen into the new family room. Basement stairs waiting to be installed.

Past & future kitchen area

View from the future family room back towards the past and future kitchen. The 45 degree floorboards are in the original house area; the smooth subfloor is in the addition.

Past & future kitchen area

View from the new dining room into the existing house. New office on the left, stairs to the basement in the center (which will be opened up), and kitchen on the right.

View from dining room into existing house

View from the dining room into the past and future kitchen. The plastic is protecting the existing living room from dust.

View into past and future kitchen

Tuesday, April 29 (evening), 2003


No substantial changes to the exterior, but many changes inside! Kitchen has been torn out; an old exterior wall (the one that was between the existing house and the addidtion) and one interior wall were taken out. A few more walls yet to go. The Hayes crew has been very careful: they laid masonite over the floors that need protection, put up plasitc sheets to separate the--now much reduced--living space from the destruction zone, and did lots of vacuuming and cleaning up following their "demo" work.