Juneau & "Celebration 2010"

June 3, 2010


Flew to Juneau; arrived late in the evening.

June 4, 5, 2010


We explored Juneau, which was fun. Our first taste of Alaska!

A view from our hotel window.

Mountain outside of Juneau

And another view.

Juneau - a view from our Hotel

A totem pole, carved in 1940, in front of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, which we enjoyed visiting. The photo is of a shaman holing a land otter -- a Haida clan story.

Totem pole in front of the Juneau-Douglas City Museum

We saw many of these poppies in Alaska -- they must like the (very) long days!

poppy in Juneau

Our surprise highlight was Celebration 2010 -- a biennial festival of Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian tribal members. It was such a treat to see many ages of Native Alaskans clearly enjoying and rejoicing in a wonderful, enthusiastic celebration of their cultures.

I took quite a few photos of the outdoor parade portion of Celebration 2010 (much of the event was held indoors). There are no restrictions on taking or posting photos taken in a public, outdoor venue. However, out of respect for and as a courtesy to the participants, I am not sharing these photos broadly on the Web. For friends and family only, however, I have posted some of the photos I took here (on a password-protected Web page). Please let me know if you would like the password.

Our trip continues... On to the Inside Passage.